Thursday, May 17, 2007

Treatment for Knee Pain - Su Jok Therapy

Elastic Finger Ring Rings on the Knee Kinds of Su Jok Rings

Different Kinds of Moxas Moxas being used

Knee Std Knee Projection & Insect


S. Petrov's personal observation, Varna city, Bulgaria, 56 years old.

The pain in the right knee (outer side) continued several months. The patient was treated with no success with medicines and physiotherapy. The pain was so strong that he was practically motionless .

He found pain spots in all projections of the right knee on the fingers according to the both correspondence systems.


  1. He warms up with smokeless moxa the pain points in the projections of the knee on the fingers for 25 minutes after the Main correspondence system.

  2. Between the moxa procedures he put magnetic stars (inflammation is possible) on the pain points in the knee projections of four fingers after the System "Insect"

  3. Stimulate the Knee projection with Elastic Finger Ring Massager for 2 to 3 minutes atleast 5 to 10 times in a day.

The pain disappeared spontaneously after the fifth procedure. To be sure in the healing effect he made three more procedures. One year after that he had no problems with the knee .

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Clive said...

Knee pain treatment also possible by Su Jok therapy which is known for pain removal from all body parts.

Farida said...
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Farida said...

How to use magnet therapy using byol , Chakra and star magnet in severe pain in knees. And if any other treatment used in such issues. Please reply

Manish Bhatt said... read it and learn yourself. But, for major problem contact Sujok therapist only.

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