Sunday, May 27, 2007

Su Jok Open Point Software

Open Point
Su Jok Acupuncture Software
The biorhythmic acupuncture is an independent method of treatment. this method used do not take into account a status of disease.

The treatment will be carried out only through one needle is necessary enter the important condition in correct way presence of an open point, in which needle in the activity of a meridian, the certain point opens.

In the same activity of a meridian the certain point opens moment of time is the main source of an exchange of energy in a body.

At production needle in an open point the superfluous energy leaves(abandons) a body, and insufficient enters, that results in balance organism as a whole.

The needle is entered in the point for 20-30 of minutes perpendicularly.


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This is a great Sujok blog!

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Justin Mandel,Dipl.O.M. L.Ac

Purity said...

Its great site. like to know how does sujok accupressure method apply in colours. if anybody has colon problem what is the remedies?(magnet, colour and seed)how does this three method helps in colon cleansing?

Purity said...

Please show the method for treatment of heart burn.acid reflux, acidity.

kimaya said...

Its really interesting one to know & experience about sujok seed therapy , like to know more about it.