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Bronchial asthma is an allergic disease, which appears as recurrent bouts of asphyxia.

Dry and tormenting cough is in most cases the first portent of the coming bout of bronchial asthma. Attacks of asphyxia begin all of a sudden and rapidly aggravate; they last from several minutes to several hours or even days (in complicated cases).

During the attack an asthmatic cannot move freely but usually has to remain standing or sitting with his hands resting on the table. He experiences hurried whizzing breathing, with inhalation much shorter than exhalation.

In slight attacks of bronchial asthma the patients normally do not call ambulance but use special drugs intended to terminate the bouts.

An urgent medical consultation is a must in case of the first attack of bronchial asthma. If the patient is suffering from a protracted, several hour or several day long asthma bout that can not be cured by ordinary methods (such state is termed asthmatic status), an ambulance should be urgently called, as his life is definite]y endangered. Intensive therapy in a hospital is then essential.

First aid administration by the Su Jok therapy methods in bronchial asthma involves linear massage in the standard hand or foot correspondence system with a finger or any massage tool or whatever else handy. The projection of the respiratory tract should be stimulated from the area of correspondence to the lungs to that of the nose, which will promote better sputum discharge (Fig. 103). Since the diaphragm takes part in respiration, the area of correspondence to the entire upper diaphragm line needs massage as well. There is a point near the base of the first metacarpal bone that corresponds the upper diaphragm line and whose stimulation is especially helpful (Fig. 104). In many cases the bronchial asthma bouts are completely done away by means of these manipulations very simple indeed.

Warming of the most painful points of correspondence to the lungs in the standard hand correspondence system will widen the air supply routes and facilitate sputum discharge (Fig 105). But if the patient is intolerant of the wormwood smell and smoke, such procedure should be avoided. It is advisable instead to attach <warming> seeds (of pepper, red currant, and hedge rose. grape) or pieces of pepper plaster to the painful points of correspondence to the bronchial tree. After that any type of surface stimulator's available should be attached to the points of correspondence to the lungs and upper respiratory tracts, which will reduce dyspnea.

The seeds are attached in the most sensitive points of correspondence to the lungs. The relevant areas should be completely covered with the seeds. With knowledge of energy flow direction in seeds and other parts of plants, it is possible to place the seeds in the areas of correspondence to the lungs along the line that leads from the diaphragm projection to the correspondence to the trachea (Fig. 106, 107). In this case green seeds are the best — those of peas, hemp, lentil, apples, and pears. If seeds are unavailable, metal or magnet stars are employed. It should be remembered that the desired effect will be only produced if the seeds are pressed from time to time.

Stimulation of the points of correspondence to the adrenal glands is an essential element of the first aid in grave bouts of bronchial asthma because it facilitates the secretion of corticosteroids. It is carried out by means of finger massage involving rhythmical pressing movements; alternatively, makeshift tools may be used (Fig. 108). For longer stimulation, magnet stars attached to the areas of correspondence to the adrenal glands

First aid administration by the Su Jok therapy method helps arrest slight fits of bronchial asthma and prevents their transformation into grave bouts.


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