Friday, May 25, 2007

Say No To Constipation !

From time to time all of us have to face such unpleasant thing as constipation. But don’t hurry to take laxatives, may be you can help yourself. Include more vegetables and fruits in your diet, begin doing your morning exercises, take long walk, ride a bicycle and use Su Jok therapy methods.

Where the points are located that help to constipation?

This is the large intestine correspondence area (Fig 121)

How to do away with constipation?

First of all, find the tender correspondence point in the large intestine projection and thoroughly massage them with a diagnostic stick. Then perform finger massage of the whole large intestine correspondence area in the form of circular motions in the direction coinciding with the bowel movement (Fig 122)

You can also use seeds. Fix them in the 1arge intestine correspondence area in such a way that their energy flow coincides with the bowel movement.

What seeds should be selected for the therapy?

Flax, caraway, water-melon and melon seeds as well as apple and grape stones are preferable (Fig.123).

It is very important to warm up the most tender correspondence points with moxas. If you have a wormwood cigar, you can perform warming by the ironing technique: move the ignited cigar over the large intestine projection until the pleasant warmth appears (Fig. 124).

Regularly perform intensive massage of the palms and soles. It can be done with fingers, a roller massager, golf ball, walnut, chestnut, etc. (Fig. 125).

In case you are loosing weight and have admixtures of blood or mucus in the stools, you should consult your doctor.

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hemal said...

thank u sir for the information u provided, but can we use moxa in pregnency? is safe? as it touches the uterus area also.