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Bronchial asthma is an allergic disease, which appears as recurrent bouts of asphyxia.

Dry and tormenting cough is in most cases the first portent of the coming bout of bronchial asthma. Attacks of asphyxia begin all of a sudden and rapidly aggravate; they last from several minutes to several hours or even days (in complicated cases).

During the attack an asthmatic cannot move freely but usually has to remain standing or sitting with his hands resting on the table. He experiences hurried whizzing breathing, with inhalation much shorter than exhalation.

In slight attacks of bronchial asthma the patients normally do not call ambulance but use special drugs intended to terminate the bouts.

An urgent medical consultation is a must in case of the first attack of bronchial asthma. If the patient is suffering from a protracted, several hour or several day long asthma bout that can not be cured by ordinary methods (such state is termed asthmatic status), an ambulance should be urgently called, as his life is definite]y endangered. Intensive therapy in a hospital is then essential.

First aid administration by the Su Jok therapy methods in bronchial asthma involves linear massage in the standard hand or foot correspondence system with a finger or any massage tool or whatever else handy. The projection of the respiratory tract should be stimulated from the area of correspondence to the lungs to that of the nose, which will promote better sputum discharge (Fig. 103). Since the diaphragm takes part in respiration, the area of correspondence to the entire upper diaphragm line needs massage as well. There is a point near the base of the first metacarpal bone that corresponds the upper diaphragm line and whose stimulation is especially helpful (Fig. 104). In many cases the bronchial asthma bouts are completely done away by means of these manipulations very simple indeed.

Warming of the most painful points of correspondence to the lungs in the standard hand correspondence system will widen the air supply routes and facilitate sputum discharge (Fig 105). But if the patient is intolerant of the wormwood smell and smoke, such procedure should be avoided. It is advisable instead to attach <warming> seeds (of pepper, red currant, and hedge rose. grape) or pieces of pepper plaster to the painful points of correspondence to the bronchial tree. After that any type of surface stimulator's available should be attached to the points of correspondence to the lungs and upper respiratory tracts, which will reduce dyspnea.

The seeds are attached in the most sensitive points of correspondence to the lungs. The relevant areas should be completely covered with the seeds. With knowledge of energy flow direction in seeds and other parts of plants, it is possible to place the seeds in the areas of correspondence to the lungs along the line that leads from the diaphragm projection to the correspondence to the trachea (Fig. 106, 107). In this case green seeds are the best — those of peas, hemp, lentil, apples, and pears. If seeds are unavailable, metal or magnet stars are employed. It should be remembered that the desired effect will be only produced if the seeds are pressed from time to time.

Stimulation of the points of correspondence to the adrenal glands is an essential element of the first aid in grave bouts of bronchial asthma because it facilitates the secretion of corticosteroids. It is carried out by means of finger massage involving rhythmical pressing movements; alternatively, makeshift tools may be used (Fig. 108). For longer stimulation, magnet stars attached to the areas of correspondence to the adrenal glands

First aid administration by the Su Jok therapy method helps arrest slight fits of bronchial asthma and prevents their transformation into grave bouts.

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Su Jok Colour Therapy


For centuries it's been known that colours can dramatically affect our health, inner harmony and even our emotions. With the help of colour the medical effect can be got which the conventional West medicine cannot receive with traditional approaches.

Colour is a living energy. It is a property of light. Light is an electromagnetic energy produced by the sun in different wavelengths. As the light is absorbed and reflected we end up with different colours. Everything in nature is full of colour. Vibration forms everything in life. The universe is only the energy in vibration. Our body has energy fields (called charkas). All of our organs are comprised of vibrating atoms. All of us have our own unique energy system and our organs have different vibrational patterns. We all emit colour.
Light has different particles called photons and microwaves. Light penetrates everything, even our bodies. Light also emits wavelengths that we cannot see (ultraviolet). These wavelengths contain radiation, which is energy. Energy is Qi and life. Now it is revealed that the length of a wave defines its colour. In our environment there is an enormous quantity of waves with different frequency characteristics.
Moreover, concrete frequency and colour corresponds to each organ. Having the electromagnetic nature the colour cooperates with the energetic structures of a human body, strengthening or suppressing their vibrations. Significant changes in energy structure of the person invariable entail changes at a physical level.


The method of colour therapy is based on the law of resonant colours interaction, conterminous to frequency characteristics of body. There is a resonant interaction of zones of hands and feet (chakras energy points, acupuncture points of meridians and waves surrounding them) to similar frequency of a colour source (artificial or natural). The set of frequencies related to musical notes is an example how colours works. If you place two properly tuned guitars in the same room and pluck the A string on one guitar, the A string on the second guitar will also ring. This is because the sound frequency of the A note traveled across the room causing the resonant frequency of the A string on the second guitar to sound. Likewise, the body's organs have their own resonant frequencies related to the charkas and meridians. Hence, we can "tune " our bodies for optimal wellness through colour therapy by exposing our chakras and meridians to the specific colour needed. The light beam is as language of the organism cells which communicate with each other, and they do so via photons and microwaves. The colour scale promotes restoration of the energy balance broken by illness. Different colours give off different wavelength frequencies and these different frequencies have different effects on physical and psychological functions and consequently different disorders.
Coloured light can be used directly on the body's health and immuno strength, affecting the body and the emotions. It does not alter the material make up of the body, but rather the vibrational aspect, similar to homeopathy.
The treatment itself involves the application of coloured light to the acupuncture points on the skin with an instrument that resembles a simple pen light. It does not use needles or pierce the skin. Rather the colour sensitivity of acupuncture receptors on the skin is used to absorb the coloured light. Acupuncture meridians then channel healing information encoded in the light to targeted cells and the brain where it is needed.

On yogas' representation, every chakra depending on frequency of vibrations prevailing in it has own colour. The aura of the healthy person has pure colours. The mechanism of many illnesses is caused by infringement of colour (electromagnetic) harmony, mixture of colours, and also deficiency of the certain colour necessary for normal activity of the organs and mind-emotional condition of the person.

  • RED stimulates brain wave activity, increases heart rate, respirations and blood pressure, excites sexual glands. It energizes the first chakra (coccyx). It warms us and awakens us physically and energizes our blood. It is a good colour to wear when we have colds and poor circulation. Too much red can over stimulate and make some illnesses worse. High blood pressure is an indicator of too much red energy in the body. It is a colour for war, prosperity, fire, and rising sun. Spiritually it is the root colour of fire and connects us to our physical self.
  • ORANGE is the colour of joy and wisdom। It affects the second chakra (sacral). It gives an energy, stimulates appetite and it is a good colour for illnesses of the colon and digestion. Spiritually it is the colour of joy. It connects us to our emotional self.
  • YELLOW is the solar plexus chakra. It energizes, relieves depression, improves memory, stimulates appetite and helps in digestive problems. Spiritually it is the colour of wisdom and connects us to our mental self.
  • GREEN affects the heart chakra. It has a calming effect and balances the nervous system. Green colour is soothing, relaxing mentally as well as physically, helps those suffering from depression, anxiety, nervousness. It is a good colour for cardiac conditions, high blood pressure and ulcers. Since green stimulates growth, it should be avoided in cancers and other tumors. Spiritually it is the colour of love and connects us to perfect love.
  • BLUE is the colour for the throat chakra. It is a good colour in respiratory illness or throat infections. Blue is calming and cooling to our system and hence, a good colour to counteract hypertension. Spiritually it is the colour of health and connects us to holistic thought.
  • INDIGO is the colour for healing of the brow chakra. It is a good colour for sinusitis, immunity problems, and all face problems. Too much of this colour can cause depression. Spiritually it is the colour of intuition and connects us to our unconscious self.
  • VIOLET is the colour of the crown chakra. It is cleansing, strengthening, and awakening, suppresses appetite, provides a peaceful environment. It affects the skeletal system of the body. It is a good colour for improving immunity, cancerous conditions, and arthritis. It also purifies the system and is an excellent colour for headaches and migrains. Spiritually it is the colour of faith and connects us to our spiritual self.


    You can practice some exercises to heal your chakras.

    * Balancing the chakras. Take 7 clothes of different colours: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. Put violet cloth on the crown chakra. Place the rest clothes over your body at the appropriate chakra. Relax, and breathe deeply for 5 minutes. The body will absorb these colours and saturate the charkas, in that way the vibrations in your body will be balanced.

    * With a deep breathing imagine that you breathe air into every part, every organ of your body.

    This air is transformed then into different frequencies of energy. Inhale slowly though your nostrils and exhale through the mouth. Inhale and exhale to the count of 5. Place the tip of the tongue to the palate of the mouth during breathing. See and feel the air coming in at a certain colour. This exercise can be done for 10 minutes in the morning.

    * This exercise is used when you feel that some basic colour needs stimulating. Water can be infused with the colour by placing water in coloured glasses and exposing the water for 3 hours to sunlight. The next day drink the water. Water can be also placed in the glass with the coloured paper over it and being exposed to the sunlight for 3 hours.

    Colour therapy is a prolonged method of stimulation. This method of healing is carried out with the help of:

  • felt-tip pens,
  • markers,
  • colour varnishes,
  • colour pencils.

    Treatment by colour can be performed on finger meridians, on chakras, painting the certain points by the certain colour following the laws of colours interaction (and consequently, energies) and thus changing the energy potential (balance) both in the point, and in all meridian, and, hence, in organ.

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  • Su Jok Open Point Software

    Open Point
    Su Jok Acupuncture Software
    The biorhythmic acupuncture is an independent method of treatment. this method used do not take into account a status of disease.

    The treatment will be carried out only through one needle is necessary enter the important condition in correct way presence of an open point, in which needle in the activity of a meridian, the certain point opens.

    In the same activity of a meridian the certain point opens moment of time is the main source of an exchange of energy in a body.

    At production needle in an open point the superfluous energy leaves(abandons) a body, and insufficient enters, that results in balance organism as a whole.

    The needle is entered in the point for 20-30 of minutes perpendicularly.

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    Say No To Constipation !

    From time to time all of us have to face such unpleasant thing as constipation. But don’t hurry to take laxatives, may be you can help yourself. Include more vegetables and fruits in your diet, begin doing your morning exercises, take long walk, ride a bicycle and use Su Jok therapy methods.

    Where the points are located that help to constipation?

    This is the large intestine correspondence area (Fig 121)

    How to do away with constipation?

    First of all, find the tender correspondence point in the large intestine projection and thoroughly massage them with a diagnostic stick. Then perform finger massage of the whole large intestine correspondence area in the form of circular motions in the direction coinciding with the bowel movement (Fig 122)

    You can also use seeds. Fix them in the 1arge intestine correspondence area in such a way that their energy flow coincides with the bowel movement.

    What seeds should be selected for the therapy?

    Flax, caraway, water-melon and melon seeds as well as apple and grape stones are preferable (Fig.123).

    It is very important to warm up the most tender correspondence points with moxas. If you have a wormwood cigar, you can perform warming by the ironing technique: move the ignited cigar over the large intestine projection until the pleasant warmth appears (Fig. 124).

    Regularly perform intensive massage of the palms and soles. It can be done with fingers, a roller massager, golf ball, walnut, chestnut, etc. (Fig. 125).

    In case you are loosing weight and have admixtures of blood or mucus in the stools, you should consult your doctor.

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    Be Your Own Su Jok Doctor - Introduction

    Due to the oneness of their origin quite different objects possess common factors. Te Homo force requires preserving of the similarity between all units of existence. Based on this similarity maintained by the Homo force and controlled by the Neutro forces, the existing world is integrated into a unified consistent system of oneness, all elements of which are interconnected with one another and interact in order to ensure their own existence and preserve evolution. All kind of connections, interactions, successions and development are controlled by the Neutro force.
    Each part of the human body is connected with its other parts and possesses their correspondence, as a result, an integral system of the body is created based on the similarity of Homo factors. It is these connections and interactions that finally ensure the process of existence termed life.
    A network of correspondence system permeates through our body connecting all parts of the body for their interaction, existence and further development. These sustain our life providing any affected part or region of our body with their harmonising influence. The state gets normalised in a natural way, through stimulation of various regions of the body in the process of everyday activities.
    Since we know the structure of a correspondence system, it is enough to stimulate a correctly selected point to obtain a pronounced therapeutic effect. The hand and feet ideally follow the law of oneness in their development. Their similarity to the body is so evident that everyone can easily notice and recognise it. And having recognised this fact one can immediately start using this similarity for self help and maintaining one's health in good condition even without special medical skills or training.
    Knowing correspondence system of the hands and feet you have a chance to help your people and yourself. Each of us has four little Clinics given by Nature. that is two hands and two feet, Just think, isn't it convenient? When first symptoms of a disease occur all you have to do is to visit one of your own four wonder Clinics and help yourself. That is what " be your own doctor" means!
    This article is aimed at helping people to become less dependent on diseases and at teaching them to use the four little Clinics of the human body in all kinds of situation both at home and at work. If all people take an interest in studying the correspondence system of the hands and feet that will considerably promote the transition of the first medical aid to a new level. As a result, every one having faster and better effects in treating his diseases will have the possibility to concentrate on enhancing efficiency and quality of his life in order to achieve the purposes he has bee really striving for or dreaming of.
    We would like to express our deep gratitude to all medical doctors of Moscow Su Jok Academy who have edited this article and spared no effort to publish it as quickly as possible, especially to Tatyana Sololove, Alla Torbina, Victoria Mikhailova, Tamara petrakova. Let us also thank the staff of Su Jok Academy owing to their participation the article has been successfully completed.
    We hope the Be Your Own Su Jok Doctor will be helpful for all readers interested in the ways to help themselves and their people to preserve health

    Weight Loss with Su Jok Therapy

    Treatment for Sinuses - Su Jok Therapy

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    Treatment for Lambago - Su Jok Therapy

    A case from doctor H. Petrov's practice, Rouse cyti, Bulgaria

    44 years old.

    Immobile. Complained of sharp pain in the area L4-L5 (fourth-fifth lumbar vertebrae). The complaint appeared when he lifted a heavy load the day before that.

    I found very painful points in the projection of fourth-fifth lumbar vertebrae on all fingers and toes (System "Insect").
    • I put three needles in each pain point on four fingers of the right hand and on four toes of the left foot.
    • The needles stayed for thirty minutes.
    • After their removal the pain in the waist totally disappeared.
    • I studied the patient's condition during the following couple of days. He felt absolutely healthy.
    • One procedure was enough for healing the illness.

    CANCER OF BREAST - Su Jok Therapy


    P. Stefanova's personal observation, Rouse city, Bulgaria, 48 years old

    She had a malignant formation with the size of a golf ball in her right breast. The tumor was diagnosed at a late stage and the condition of the patient didn't allow operation .

    The sick woman found pain zones in the projections of the right breast - according to the Main system and the "Insect" system.
    She used the Main correspondence system and put a “cover” of 20 needles on the pain zones in the projections of the breast on one hand and one leg. She warmed up the fixed needles for 30 minutes.

    In the next procedure she used the “Insect” system and put a “cover” of 20 needles on the pain areas in the projections of the breast on one finger and one toe. She warmed up the needles with moxa for 30 minutes.

    She alternates the procedures.

    After the sixth procedure the tumor was not hard any more. After the twelfth procedure it became drastically smaller. The woman ha d another course of 12 procedures. After that the tumor c couldn't be found by a person who is not a specialist. Such drastic reverse development of a breast tumor has not been known in the practice of the hospital where she was a patient and this allowed further surgical intervention.

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    Treatment for Knee Pain - Su Jok Therapy

    Elastic Finger Ring Rings on the Knee Kinds of Su Jok Rings

    Different Kinds of Moxas Moxas being used

    Knee Std Knee Projection & Insect


    S. Petrov's personal observation, Varna city, Bulgaria, 56 years old.

    The pain in the right knee (outer side) continued several months. The patient was treated with no success with medicines and physiotherapy. The pain was so strong that he was practically motionless .

    He found pain spots in all projections of the right knee on the fingers according to the both correspondence systems.


    1. He warms up with smokeless moxa the pain points in the projections of the knee on the fingers for 25 minutes after the Main correspondence system.

    2. Between the moxa procedures he put magnetic stars (inflammation is possible) on the pain points in the knee projections of four fingers after the System "Insect"

    3. Stimulate the Knee projection with Elastic Finger Ring Massager for 2 to 3 minutes atleast 5 to 10 times in a day.

    The pain disappeared spontaneously after the fifth procedure. To be sure in the healing effect he made three more procedures. One year after that he had no problems with the knee .

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