Monday, September 04, 2006

Su Jok Therapy - Healing Art of the 21st Century

Nature appears to have designed the human body as a hologram of multiple overlapping micro-correspondence systems. The current stage of discovery and application of these Microsystems is only beginning. There are different patterns of foot-organ correspondences, in addition to patterns for the scalp, nose, face, hand, finger and eyes. For example, there are various corresponding systems of auriculotherapy, most notably the Chinese and French models. There is even a system of organ correspondence along all of the long bones of the body.

It is apparent that no particular system is the "right" pattern. There are many reasons for studying and applying Microsystems. They are very efficient to administer; they give instant results (especially in acute pain situations); and they are safe to apply.

I believe energetic medicine practitioners will be better able to serve their clientele if they have multiple treatment options at their disposal. It is this belief that motivates me in the continuing research and development into the Microsystems of the body.

Su Jok Therapy "Su Jok," translated from Korean, means hand and foot. The hands and feet represent a mirror image of the anatomy of the human body with all of its associated organs and structures. The hands and feet are like remote control centers through which the functions of the body can be both assessed and treated. I have found that the more similar one part of the body is in form to another part, the more effective it is as a corresponding point control center