Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Pain in the heart region are one of the most serious and frequent complains though they are not always connected with the heart diseaes.

Monday, April 23, 2007



Who has never felt a pain in the back? You’ll agree it’s really unpleasant. The back is aching and you can hardly turn or bend, sometimes it’s even difficult to tie up the shoes...

And it is common knowledge that most of the internal diseases are connected with the condition of the vertebral column.

Where are the points helping to get rid of pain in the back?

These are the points corresponding to the vertebral column. They are to be found in the <> systems on the fingers’ dorsal surface, where the vertebral column correspondence is located along each finger’ symmetry line (Fig. 102).

How shall we stimulate the above areas?

The simplest way allowing even to do without the exact determination of the correspondence points is the intensive massage of fingers with a Su Jok Elastic ring. Roll the ring along the finger till the sensation of warmth and skin reddening appears (Fig. 103).

To speed up the effect, massage each finger with the ring, and for a better effect, add the massage of each toe as well. Such a massage can stop a violent pain in the back within 3 to 10 minutes! It is such an effective and simple manipulation that it. Can be carried out at the workplace, in any transport vehicle, and at home (the main thing is to have your hands free).

If you have low back pain and you would like to treat that particular part of the vertebral column, you should find tender points in the loin correspondence area and perform out the massage with a diagnostic stick. If you have no such a stick you can use fingers, a match or a pencil instead.

You can fix a strip of adhesive plaster with a chain of seeds on it to the vertebral column correspondence area or fix black pepper peas, or buckwheat, garden radish and beet seeds in the sensitive points in the loin projection (Fig. 104). Periodical pressing on them will stop the pain.

If you have a moxa or wormwood cigar be sure to warm up the correspondence points. Remember that a deep penetrating sensation of warmth should appear in the warmed areas. It is especially useful if the pain is caused by exposure to cold or heavy lifting.

And of course, you can use capsicum pepper for pro longed warming. Take a little piece of plaster of appropriate shape and fix it to the vertebral column area in any known correspondence system. The plaster can be left on the hands for two or three days. If you don’t want to attract other people’s attention to your hands, you can apply the capsicum plaster on your hands for the night only or you can use correspondence areas on your feet.

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