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Su Jok Treatment for Heart Dis-eases


Pains in the heart region are one of the most serious and frequent complains though the heart diseases. They are not always connected with caused by neurosis (in overstrain and stress), by spinal osteochondrosis, lung diseases and other illnesses. You should also bear in mind that the pains in the heart area can be caused by abuse of alcohol and smoking

Where the points are to help in cardiac pains?
These are the points corresponding to the heart. In the Symmetry line Symmetry line Diaphragm In the standard correspondence system to the body on the hand, the projection of the heart is on the both sides the left of the lower half of the symmetry line. In the systems, the heart correspondence area is located on finger’s middle phalanx. Slightly below its centre (Fig. 96)

How can we help ourselves if we have pains in heart region?
First of all, it is necessary to find the heart correspondence area and thoroughly massage it for 3 to 5 minutes with fingers or any kind of massager: a diagnostic stick, blunt end of a pen, pencil, key, etc. (Fig. 9). Remember that the massage should be painful! It’s best to be performed as interrupted pressing.

Fig. 97. Massage of heart correspondence areas in heart pains: A — with the second and third fingers; B — with a diagnostic stick
After the pain decreases, be sure to warm up the heart correspondence area with a wormwood cigar or moxas. In men, warming should be done with an odd number of moxas and in women with an even number of moxas. Warming the heart correspondence points with threadlike moxas in minisystems of correspondence on the fingers’ nail phalanges will be especially effective (Fig. 98)

And then use surface applicators for prolonged stimulation: fix metal or magnet stars in the heart correspondence points, if such applicators are not available, you can use T4ike (with a stem) buttons, beads, etc. (Fig. 99)

Fig. 99. Stimulation of heart correspondence areas with the left 2nd and 3rd
Fig. 98. Warming the heart correspondence area with moxas in the minisystems
If you have pumpkin, guelder rose, vegetable marrow or cucumber seeds, look at them carefully: may be some associations will come to your mind. Of course, you’ve noticed that the shape of these seeds resembles a heart or a drop of blood. That’s why their application is especially effective in therapy of cardiovascular diseases. Pumpkin and vegetable marrow seeds are very convenient to use in the hand standard correspondence system as their size corresponds to the heart projection size, while the guelder rose and cucumber seeds are used in the insect systems (Fig. 100).

Fig. I00. Seed therapy in Cardiac pains
Seeds of beet, buckwheat, dog-rose, garden radish and hawthorn fruits can be used in the heart region pains. You can as well cover the whole correspondence area with them. Having fixed the seeds in the correspondence points, you should periodically press on them causing a painful sensation.

If you are sure that the cardiac pains are provoked by an angina attack, you can apply a little mustard plaster to the heart correspondence area in addition to the above mentioned methods of therapy (Fig. 101) The rules of mustard plaster application in the correspondence systems are the same as for the application to the body, till the burning sensation and skin reddening appear. You can also use a piece of capsicum plaster.

You should always remember, however, that a patient with pain in the heart area must be examined by a doctor and need a careful observation and nursing both at the moment of attack a_ after it.
Fig. 101. Mustard plaster applicator to the heart correspondence ar in heart J1(IIflS

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