Saturday, October 20, 2007

Be Your Own Doctor !

Due to the oneness of their origin quite different objects possess common factors. The Homo force requires preserving of the similarity between all units of existence. Based on this similarity maintain by Homo force a and controlled by Neutro force, the existing world is integrated into a unified, consistent system of oneness, all elements of which are interconnected with one another and interact in order to ensure their own existence and preserve evolution. All kinds of Connections, interactions, successions and development are controlled by the Neutro force.

Each part of the human body is connected with its other parts and possesses their correspondences; as a result, an integral system of the body is created based on the similarity of Homo factors. It is these connections and interactions that finally ensure the process of existence termed life.

A network of correspondence systems permeates through our body connecting all parts of the body for their interaction, existence and further development. These systems sustain our life providing any affected part or region of our body with their harmonizing influence. The state gets normalized in a natural way, through stimulation of various regions of the body in the process of everyday activities.

Since we know the structure of a correspondence system, it is enough to stimulate a correctly selected point to obtain a pronounced therapeutic effect. The hands and feet ideally follow the law of oneness in their development. Their similarity to the body is so evident that everyone can easily notice and recognize it. And having recognized this fact, one can immediately start using this similarity for self- help and one’s health in good condition even without special medical skills or training.

Knowing correspondence system of the hands and feet we have a chance to help your people and ourselves. Each of us has four little clinics given by Nature, that is, two hands and two feet. Just think, isn’t it convenient’? When first symptoms of disease occur all we have to do is to Visit of your own four wonderful clinics and help ourselves. That is what BE YOUR OWN DOCTOR means!

Su Jok Therapy Center, Uganda is aimed at helping people to become less dependent on diseases and at teaching them to use the four little clinics of the human body in all kinds of situations both at home and at work. If all people take an interest in studying the correspondence systems of the hands and feet that will considerably promote the transition of the first medical aid to a new level. As a result, everyone having faster and better effects in treating their diseases will have the possibility to concentrate on enhancing efficiency and quality of his life in order to achieve the purposes he has been really striving for or dreaming of.
We hope that the Su Jok therapy Center, Be Your Own Su Jok Doctor wills be helpful for all readers interested in the ways to help themselves and their people to preserve health.

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