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Learn to Treat Yourself without Medicine

What is SU JOK?

Su = hand and Jok = foot. Korean words relating to a Therapy that employs hands and feet as treatment areas for the whole body.

Professor Park, Jae Woo is a Korean scientist and philosopher. He is the originator of Su Jok Therapy. Through his scientific works he has developed a number of simple and effective systems of treatment, which have gained wide acceptance all over the world among practitioners and lay people alike, He has great perception and is able to explain oriental wisdom in terms of modern science and Is a visionary par excellence.

On our hands and feet we host correspondence systems. The systems are highly active points connected to every area of the body through correspondence positioned below the surface of the skin. When these globules are stimulated energy waves are passed to the corresponding organ and to the brain, do not be misled, this therapy does not parallel reflexology apart from using the hands and feet as maps of the body. Correspondence areas and treatment is carried out in a very different manner, utilizing a variety of effective correction techniques.

If you look at the hand, it bears an uncanny resemblance to the structure of the body. Take first the thumb, it has two phalanges and resembles the head and neck. If the thumb had been placed at the centre of the wrist, it would be blatantly obvious that the hand is unmistakably an exact replica of the body. However, Prof. Park, Jae Woo’s intuition showed him, without doubt, that even with the thumb positioned off centre it is head, palm is trunk and fingers are appendages - arms and legs.

The top part of the thumb, palm side (yin), is face and positioned below the nail plate on the yang side is the brain. Under the first joint is the neck; on the yin surface is the location of the throat and on the yang surface the cervical vertebrae.

Now flex your thumb and notice the shape beneath, which resembles the thorax. This area is the correspondence area for the lungs, with the heart positioned between the lungs, slightly off centre to the left, with the apex sifting on the life-line crease; this crease indicates the line of the upper diaphragm.

And so we are able to continue through the body, with exact mirror images of all organs, body systems and appendages mapped onto the hands and feet.
To carry out effective treatment, the therapist first carries out a consultation with the client to ascertain the nature of the problems presenting which will enable the therapist to make a treatment plan.

Accurate Identification of the point to be treated is only halfway to successful treatment. For treatment to be effective, one must stimulate the point correctly. This is achieved in different ways.
Level - 1 Basic teaches:

  1. The History and Development of the Correspondence Systems Concept
  2. Homo - Hetero Law and Homo-System of the Human Body — Introduction to Triorigin
  3. Similarity of Hands to the Body
  4. Similarity of Feet to the Body
  5. Correspondence to the Yin and Yang Surfaces of the Body
  6. Standard system of correspondence
  7. Insect system of correspondence
  8. Mini system of correspondence
  9. Contra-indications and Contra-actions to treatment
  10. How to Identify Acute or Chronic Conditions
  11. The basic methods of treatment
  12. Intro, to Equipment and Methods of stimulation

Level - 2 Intermediate teaches:
Energy flow treatment

  1. Introduction to Metaphysical Theory
  2. Byol Meridian Therapy
  3. Five Elements Theory
  4. Subjugation and Anti-subjugation cycles
  5. Colours - Emotions / Reasons
  6. Tri-origin
  7. Six Xi Theory
  8. Manifestations of Six Energies
  9. Application of Six Energies to Treatment
  10. Byol Chakra System

Scientifically proven therapy using hands and feet as maps of the body — does not parallel reflexology. Correspondence areas and treatment is carried out in a very different manner, see back of leaflet.

  • Acupressure
  • Moxa
  • Needling
  • Seeds (external application)
  • Colours
  • Light
  • Magnets
  • 5 Elements
  • 6 Ki etc. etc.

Easy to learn, highly effective, totally safe, No drugs or side effects, simplistic system taught
Basic / Intermediate / Smile Meditation
New to Pakistan - SU JOK COURSES
Presented By: Mansur Kothia & Mohammad Zikar
In association with International Su Jok Therapy Association (Moscow, Russia.)
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