Tuesday, March 20, 2007

When we finds ourself in a difficult situation, we normally looks for a way out, fight energetically and wins, Then why are we so passive in regard to our health? why, when we fall ill, we become helpless and only rely on doctors ?

Every person must know and use an effective system of self-help, so that in times of trial we are able to help ourself, family members , friends and people around us.

Su Jok therapy, a method of treatment by stimulation of the hand and foot, can be classed with one of the best self-help methods known today.

Principal virtues of SU JOK THERAPY

HIGH EFFECT - when applied properly, a pronounced effect is often felt within a few minutes, sometimes even seconds.
TOTALLY SAFE USAGE - This system of treatment is not man - made. We have discovered it, but its origin are in Nature. That is why the system is powerful and safe. Stimulation of correspondence points brings about an improvement. It never does any harm, but just produces no effect if applied improperly.
A UNIVERSAL METHOD - Su Jok therapy can be applied to any part of the body, any organ, and any joint.
ACCESSIBLE TO EVERBODY - Su Jok therapy has nothing to be learned and memorized. Dinned knowledge gets forgetten in no time. Once the method is grasped, it stays usable lifelong.
SIMPLE APPLICATION. Your hand and your knoledge are alway with you. And you will have no difficulties in finding a suitable material for treatment.
So far there has never been a treatment method so easy to master and to produces such a significant and rapid effect!The Su Jok therapy method has been developed by a South Korean scientist Prof Park Jae Woo who was able to make a substantial contribution to the traditional approaches to acupuncture and naturopathy. He works hard always without self - interest. His work is dedicated to people, and filled with desire to help them, to convey them the thought that they are loved, and to make them happier. Knowledge received from such a man is Great Knowledge. You will see it by your self when you master this uniquely simple and effective system.
Join the Su Jok Therapy Group today and get first hand exprience to be Healthy with NON DRUG TREATMENT and only just try once, Su Jok Therapy will become part of your live forever !

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